From one small moment, big ideas emerge

Through your short stories, essays, poetry, music, and visuals, Soul Notes is a venue for artistic meditations on the complexities of modern life and a place to find insight and inspiration. Soul Notes is a contributor driven site with work from a global community of writers, thinkers, artists, movers, and shakers formed to foster collaboration and inspiration.

Our aim is to use the online platform as an incubator that moves us from the digital world to materialization in the analog world, which could manifest itself from time to time as a published book, a gallery show, a global event or any real world happening that you define. We hope to build an online foundation for movement and change in the outside world, one soul note at a time.

Slower and more meaningful than “140 characters” but faster than print

Soul Notes operates in the space between the fast and mindless pace of Twitter, Facebook, and the next internet drug, and the mindful slowness of print. Each month Soul Notes introduces a theme and accepts your submissions to develop, explore and build a conversation around that theme. Soul Notes accepts rolling submissions and regularly adds new material to foster a lively, dynamic and global dialogue.

To remember the tragedy of the bombing of Hiroshima 66 years ago, Soul Notes launched on August 6, 2011, with its first topic being “Japan”.


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